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Employment Law

Recover From Work Injuries

Injuries at work can have life-long effects. Don't hesitate to call us for  a Free Consultation.

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Our expert team of attorneys will help you with Social Security Income and Disability Benefits.

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As an employee, you have legal rights in your workplace; we can answer any question you may have.

Employment LawFresno Employment Law Attorneys

We provide small-firm, personalized representation in employment discrimination cases. Workers in the U.S. are protected by various complex regulations and laws. However, most employees and laborers are unaware of their rights in the workplace.
This includes:
  • Overtime collection: Not being paid the right amount for the hours worked.
  • Working hours: Not receiving the actual money earned based upon minimum wage laws.
  • Unlawful termination: Termination may be considered unlawful, depending upon the state termination procession.
  • Harassment at work: This could include other employees or employers in various forms of harassment, including sexual.
  • Workplace violence: All employees are entitled to a safe work environment.
  • Civil rights: Age, gender, racial and sexual orientation.
  • “Whistleblowers” and retaliation: An employee has notified a government agency or someone outside of the firm that the employer is breaking the law in some fashion.
There are a number of issues that can occur at a place of employment. The Law Offices of Goldberg and Ibarra can go over your case and answer any questions you may have. Please contact our office now for your free consultation.
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