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Client Testimonials

Recover From Work Injuries

Injuries at work can have life-long effects. Don't hesitate to call us for  a Free Consultation.

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Our expert team of attorneys will help you with Social Security Income and Disability Benefits.

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As an employee, you have legal rights in your workplace; we can answer any question you may have.

The Law Offices of Goldberg  & Ibarra Client Testimonials

The Law Offices of Goldberg & Ibarra values our clients and their families. Whether you have a workers' compensation, Social Security, personal injury or employment law case, we are here to help. Please review what our clients have to say about us.
Everyone I dealt with was helpful and thorough-gave me confidence. Unless you can change the speed of the Social Security System, I don’t know how you can improve your services. I am very happy and thankful for your help
- M. Elmore, 9/2015
What I like best about your service is your customer service and really friendly staff. Thank you for making the process smooth for me.
- D. Brown, 2014
What I like best about your services is that if I need to talk to someone there is always someone who will answer my questions. Just keep doing the great job that all of you do.
- R. Robles, September 7, 2012
Goldberg got me the most money for my case. He looked out for my future. Thank you!
- H. Klass, March 10, 2012
I liked best, the hard work and attention put into my case
- B. Klass, 2012
Your receptionist sets the tone. She makes me feel important and that you care..
- E. Martinez, 2012
Returning phone calls promptly, making sure the client understands decisions clearly.
- M. Barrenche, 2011
I like the nice people, and their on things right away.
- J. Perez, 2015
Excellent knowledge of my case. Very friendly staff. I would highly recommend this law firm to co-workers, friends, and acquaintances.
- L. Conolly, 2013
The human touch to the process of my case was unbelievable.
- A. De Los Santos, September 7, 2012
If you need to talk to someone, there is always someone who will answer your questions.
- R. Robles, 2012
Personal attention and genuine concern for our situation.
- S.Lewison, 2012
You’re always friendly, polite, considerate!.
- V. Bryant, 2012
Son muy cortes y amables con sus servicios
- L. Jimenez, 2011
I am able to ask questions and have things explained
- B. Traylor, 2011
Your services are excellent.
- A.Perez, 2015
Todo 100%..
- L. Zamora, 2013
The best part about my case was the personal attention and genuine concern for our situation.
- S. Lewison, March 14, 2012
The human touch to every process of the case.
- A. Santos, 2012
Thank you!!!! The weight of the world has been lifted
- S. Lewison, 2012
Caring, considerate attitude. Client central goal oriented. Thank you for your support.
- Margot, 2012
You answered all questions right away!! Returned phone calls immediately.
- F. Crader, 2011
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